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Best time to consume fruit

Best time to consume fruit - Learn About Best time to consume fruit at (Individual Health Plan).

Best time to consume fruit, before or after eating ? This is one of the individual health issues that raise more questions. Unless you have a strong stomach, the fruit is not the best desserts ... Why? That eating fruit for dessert cause slow digestion is because your digestion is very rapid (half-hour to an hour) and consumed with other foods longer digestion (protein or carbohydrates) causes more time is needed in the stomach and can cause bloating or gas. This is the reason why nutrition is better not to eat fruit for dessert.

consume fruit When would you take? The Best time to consume fruit between meals (mid-morning or late afternoon), at breakfast (stimulates your stomach to receive food the first day), or as a unique dining experience. If you really like, you can take it before lunch or dinner, so it is almost digested to get the remaining food.

Alternatives for dessert : Faced with sensitive stomachs, gas or heartburn problems, it is important to change the habit of healthy eating fruit for dessert and left for other times of the day. Alternatively, tea, yogurt, or applesauce without added sugar.

The best fruit for dessert : If you can not give up the habit of healthy eating fruit for dessert, pick apples, pears, pineapple or papaya, more digestible than the rest, mostly the latter. Try to avoid mixing acid fruits (strawberries, oranges, pineapple) with sweet (banana, melon, grapes), and is digested better separately. The watermelon is rich in water and fructose, but difficult to digest.

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